Most of us will do anything to avoid negative feelings (disappointment, embarrassment, anger, etc). Much of our behavior is driven by this desire to distract ourselves away from these negative feelings. Instead of being in tune with what is coming up as feeling in our bodies, we are eating too much, working too much, worrying too much, gossiping too much, shopping too much, or are nose down in our devices and all the distraction that brings. There are a 100 ways we can distract and buffer ourselves from uncomfortable feelings. These distractions can get out of control and become a way of life. How are you distracting yourself? What is the price you pay for keeping that as a way of navigating your life? We can do better. We deserve better. Lean into the hard work it takes to be aware. Wake up and be conscious of our natural desire to keep things easy in the moment, ignoring the long term effects in our lives.

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  1. Fight for Yourself. Thank you so much for the wonderful podcast on Thurs. Overcoming the negativity and listening very closely to the words in our head calling to us to be aware of our feelings. I am looking forward every week to the next episode. It is becoming my inspiration to "hit it" when the voices say otherwise. Feeling a different attitude already.

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