As an organizer of empowerment programs for girls and women, I immediately identified with the women who planned this event. The feel in the room was much like in a rock camp program: women supporting women to learn skills and be fierce in a typically male dominated field. I want to say that Day 1 has helped me push my boundaries in a major way. There were several times where an activity was out of my zone and a bit of panic would come, telling me I could just leave without anyone really knowing. There was a critical “let’s skip this and go!” voice that piped up. It seems like I’m always asking folks to pay attention to those critical voices and stories they are telling themselves. To start the practice of paying attention to the dialogue going on behind the scenes. Because I have been working on this myself, I’m starting to really be in tune and able to consciously fight back against those critical, self sabotaging johnnies. So I stayed all day, did all of the hard stuff and am SHINING AND EXPANDED from it. And exhausted. Zzzzzzzzz